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What is FreeGym?

Freestyle sports are dynamic and exciting, gaining popularity within the UK for providing participants with the ability to express themselves creatively through movement and an incredible range of tricks. To help capture the power and explosive nature of freestyle, British Gymnastics has developed a new club-based activity called FreeGym, which comes indoors and introduces a range of freestyle-specific equipment and training techniques to take your trick learning, to a new level.

FreeGym fuses traditional gymnastic and acrobatic tricks, with kicks and leaps made famous through martial arts and brought to worldwide attention by festival performers and stunt actors.

FreeGym gets your body moving in ways never thought possible. It will get your heart racing and develop a heightened sense of spatial awareness that can be put to good use in a variety of other sports (including boarding, biking, skiing, climbing and surfing.)

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On the first of each month, all the FreeGym sessions for that month will appear online on our Booking Page

You will be able to book and pay in advance for one or more of the sessions on offer for the month

Online booking will be available up until an hour before the start of the session

The maximum numbers for each session are set, and displayed on the booking screen

  1.     The system will only allow bookings for that session up to the maximum number

  1.     Cancellations and refunds are available through the system

  1.     Refunds are not offered by PSG for missed sessions

We will still be running on a ‘drop in basis’. Please check the bookings page for the session you would like to ‘drop in’ an hour before the class starts. The number of places still available will be displayed. They will be available, on a first come first served basis

Advantages of booking and paying online

1.No need to arrive early to make sure of your place

2.No need for the sign in process at the start of the session

3.No more queuing!!

4.Parents can drop their children and leave

5.No need to worry about having cash

6.No worry of being turned away if the maximum number for the session is reached

7.Place guaranteed

REFUND POLICY : You can CANCEL your booking up to one hour in advance of the start of the session. To cancel the booking, click on the Booking Reference Link on the confirmation email. Click EDIT and CANCEL. Our system will then automatically show you as requiring a refund on the bookings list. PSG will then refund the cost of the session. REFUNDS are not available, other than through the CANCELLATION procedure above. Bookings are not transferable.

PSG FreeGym is registered to BG Block Insurance Scheme (BRS).

This ensures the safety of the participant with an extended insurance policy covering transient, non-BG members taking part in gymnastics classes, sessions and programmes carried out in a BG recognised environment.  BRS is perfect for short-term participation such as holiday clubs, term programmes and activities that sit outside of traditional BG membership activities.

BG registered Clubs and Coaches participating in BRS can be confident that all their gymnastic activities are covered by public liability insurance.

PSG Established November 1990

Registered Charity No. 1055462

BG Affiliated Club No. 40666

PSG Philosophy

To provide every gymnast with the best instruction possible, in a well organised, fun-filled, safe and exciting learning environment. To build self confidence and discipline, and allow every gymnast to work to their potential at every level from recreational to elite.’

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