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PSG AdultGym is registered to BG Block Insurance Scheme (BRS). 

This ensures the safety of the participant with an extended insurance policy covering transient, non-BG members taking part in gymnastics classes, sessions and programmes carried out in a BG recognised environment.  BRS is perfect for short-term participation such as holiday clubs, term programmes and activities that sit outside of traditional BG membership activities.

BG registered Clubs and Coaches participating in BRS can be confident that all their gymnastic activities are covered by public liability insurance.

AdultGym Class Ages 18+ years

Tuesday Evenings 8.45pm -9.45pm

Thursday Evenings 8.45pm -9.45pm

Maximum 21 per session

Things to know before you come:

We would ask that all adults wear appropriate clothing for gym 

When you enter into the main gym area it is a shoe free zone please remove shoe before entering

Our classes cater for gymnasts from 18 years up, and the difficulty is tailored to the individual's ability. You are never too old to have a try.

The first part of the session is spent on a warm-up including strength, flexibility and basics, then the gymnasts nominate their preferred activity for the rest of the time. 

Coaches are constantly working and trying to get the best from each participant so your are guaranteed to learn new skills and find muscles that you never thought you possessed.

So if you are an ex-gymnast or have never done gym but always wanted to be able to do a somersault or cartwheel or you simply want to get fit and have a six pack then come along and have a go.


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As part of the PSG membership process, and so all members can access and update their information, on joining PSG members will be set up with an online Love Admin account. All class fees and Membership payments will be made via this account

PSG charge an annual PSG Membership Fee. This fee helps pay for the running costs of the club, such as supporting our coaches with their education, general administration, replacing equipment and general maintenance.