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PSG FreeGym is registered to BG Block Insurance Scheme (BRS). 

This ensures the safety of the participant with an extended insurance policy covering transient, non-BG members taking part in gymnastics classes, sessions and programmes carried out in a BG recognised environment.  BRS is perfect for short-term participation such as holiday clubs, term programmes and activities that sit outside of traditional BG membership activities.

BG registered Clubs and Coaches participating in BRS can be confident that all their gymnastic activities are covered by public liability insurance.

PSG Established November 1990

Registered Charity No. 1055462

BG Affiliated Club No. 40666

PSG Philosophy

‘To provide every gymnast with the best instruction possible, in a well organised, fun-filled, safe and exciting learning environment. To build self confidence and discipline, and allow every gymnast to work to their potential at every level from recreational to elite.’

EExciting Fast Paced Movement Classes for children aged 3-5 years

Children love to move, so give them what they are looking for – fun, safe gymnastics based FreeGym NinjaKids

Term based semi - structured classes

With the assistance of Parent / Guardian

FreeGym NinjaKids for 3 to 5-year olds - Mondays 9.15-10am

During the classes the Ninjas will learn

Basic Floor Skills

Balance and Co-ordination





Jumping and Landing

Strength and Agility

At the end of each term they will get to show off their skills in WARRIOR WEEK

A fun and challenging obstacle course week

Introducing NEW FreeGym NinjaKids Classes

  7th, 14th, 21st & 28th January       4th February          11th February WARRIOR WEEK  


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