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PSG offers GymLaunch to boys and girls. aged 2 years - Reception

GymLaunch runs in term based courses, and payment for each course is due in advance. The cost of the course is calculated based on a rate per class.

GymLaunch is designed to help children learn specific skills to enhance confidence, balance,

co-ordination and motor skills.

Bouncing, spinning, rolling - your child is already a natural born gymnast. So if you want to help them develop their physical skills, what better place to start?

GymLaunch teaches your child important skills like balance and co-ordination. With expert supervision in a safe environment. Its a great way for them to have fun and lay the foundations of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Class 40 minutes

£4.75 per class - Term based courses

Ages 2 years - Reception

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PSG also charge an annual PSG Membership Fee. This fee helps pay for the running costs of the club, such as supporting our coaches with their education, general administration, replacing equipment and general maintenance.

GymLaunch Structure

The 'GymLaunch' program will develop FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENT SKILLS - Each week covering




What are the benefits of the new GymLaunch program?

     1     It will give the gymnasts a FOUNDATION for life long participation in SPORT and RECREATION

     2     It will give the gymnasts a FOUNDATION for future participation in GYMNASTICS. 'Launching' them into our FunGym, FreeGym OR TeamGym programs

     3     It will allow the gymnasts to participate in activities that will assist with BRAIN and BODY DEVELOPMENT

Each colour THEMED week also places a different emphasis on the fundamental gymnastics skills such as rolls, handstands, cartwheels, vaulting and rebound. As well as learning these 'traditional' gymnastics skills, the new GymLaunch structure will enhance confidence, balance, co-ordination, motor skills, strength and flexibility.

Parents/guardians are expected to stay at the GymLaunch sessions.

Please note parents/guardians may only assist their own children.


As part of the PSG membership process, and so all members can access and update their information, on joining PSG members will be set up with an online Love Admin account. All class fees and Membership payments will be made via this account

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