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PSG offers JumpGym as part of our FunGym program. JumpGym is our trampolining program.

Included every other week for our one hour per week gymnasts. And every week for our two hour per week gymnasts.

Whether you already enjoy bouncing in your back garden, or want a thrilling way to keep fit, you’ll find alot to love about JumpGym.

First you’ll learn to perform simple tricks and maintain your rhythm. Then as your confidence grows, you’ll learn aerial tricks. 

PSG offers JumpGym to boys and girls of all abilities aged 5-17 years. 

JumpGym is designed to help children learn specific skills to enhance confidence, agility,

co-ordination and motor skills.

Our coaches are all fully qualified, DBS checked and where appropriate First Aid trained.

Gymnasts in our FunGym program are able to work towards our JumpGym Award Scheme. It includes a Badge and Certificate. The first and easiest Award is 1, the hardest is Award 10. The Award costs £3.50 



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