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Private Lessons

The Private Lesson program will run on a first come, first served basis

PSG is registered to BG Block Insurance Scheme (BRS).

This ensures the safety of the participant with an extended insurance policy covering transient, non-BG members taking part in gymnastics classes, sessions and programmes carried out in a BG recognised environment.  BRS is perfect for short-term participation such as holiday clubs, term programmes and activities that sit outside of traditional BG membership activities.

BG registered Clubs and Coaches participating in BRS can be confident that all their gymnastic activities are covered by public liability insurance.

All Private Lesson participants are required to fill out a ‘Registration and Participation Agreement’. This will be filed, and kept on record until the end of Summer. Participants need only fill out the required paperwork on their initial visit.

All participants must be accompanied by an adult/guardian on their initial visit. The ‘Registration and Participation Agreement’ must be signed by adult/guardian

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PSG offers private lessons for our members as well as non-members. Whether you need to perfect a cartwheel or work on your double back, PSG can help you. Our coach Hema Gaur-Sharma  has a vast array of experience!

We offer lessons to the following:

• FunGym

• TeamGym

• Cheerleaders


• Dancers


• Athletes from many other sports who need Stretching/ Conditioning/ Balance


Private lessons can be for anyone whose skill level ranges from beginner to advanced. Private instruction can enhance skill learning. Doing lessons in a one-on-one learning environment speeds up the learning process, helps those who need individual attention and helps overcome “mental blocks” or other challenge.

Lesson Structure

Individual Private Lessons – Ratio 1:1

£15 for 30 minutes

£25 for 1 hour

How to schedule a lesson

All private lessons are scheduled directly with Hema. PSG does not schedule ANY private lessons. Hema will schedule private lessons around her hours at the gym. We suggest you book multiple lessons in advance to secure your spot. Private Lesson opportunities are based on


Contact Hema directly.  Be prepared with the days/times you are available to do the lessons.

Note: Student does NOT need be a current member. We welcome everyone who needs specialised instruction to come for private lessons.


Hema Gaur-Sharma 'European All-Star 2014'