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TeamGym is PSGs competitive discipline, we have specialised in TeamGym since 1996.

PSG is GBs most successful TeamGym club.

TeamGym is a team competition, which includes routines being performed on three pieces of apparatus: floor, trampet and a tumbling track.

TeamGym routines require effective teamwork, excellent technique and spectacular acrobatic elements. Training and competitions generate an excellent team spirit amongst gymnasts, with routines providing great entertainment and spectacle for participants and spectators.

Coaches Julian and Bev Such were awarded the honorary title Master Coach in 2015. PSG has also produced 3 Master Gymnasts, and have had 7 gymnasts awarded the Outstanding Contribution to Gymnastics Award by British Gymnastics.

PSGs TeamGym program continues to thrive. We have women's teams that compete across all age groups, from Regional to National to International level. We also have an extensive Development program, which includes a focus on coach development.

PSG loves the ethos around TeamGym. Learning to cooperate with others towards a common goal is what builds character, friendship and important life skills. The friendships built within a team can last a lifetime. And with PSG TeamGym gymnasts this is certainly true

TeamGym has its roots in Scandinavia where it has been a major event for more than 20 years. The Euroteam competition, a recent addition to the European Union of Gymnastics (UEG) calendar, was first held in Finland in 1996 and now takes place in even-numbered years.

We are very proud of our 27 National TeamGym titles for Senior, Junior, Youth and Primary Women, and the fact that we have represented GB at European Championships with 6 Senior teams and 2 Junior teams.


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