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FunGym Q and As

How do I become a FunGym member of PSG?

To join our FunGym please fill out our FunGym Waiting List

Or pop into the gym and fill out our Application Form. We are open every week day from 4pm and ALL week end!

Where can I find you?

There is a map on the Contact Us page. Our address is Unit 55 Old Reservoir Road, Farlington. Just behind the Sainsbury's.

How much will it cost?

Fun Gym costs £20 for 1 hour per week per month, and £30 for 2 hours per week per month. Visit our FunGym page where you will find all costs involved with our FunGym Programme.

How long will I have to wait before my child can join ?

We have a waiting list, but you will usually get a place within about 6 months.

When do your FunGym Classes run?

Every weeknight 4 til  5pm and 5 til 6pm. And Saturday mornings.

At what age can my child start the Fun Gym ?

5 years

Do you cater for boys and girls?

Yes. We have around 100 boys and 300 girls.

Are all your coaches qualified?


Yes. All our coaches have a BG Qualification. At every session we have a qualified First Aider. All Coaches over 16 years have DBS clearance. All our younger coaches are experienced gymnasts, who have competed at Regional and National Level.

How many hours per week can my child train?


Our FunGym Programme allows you to choose from 1 hour up to 4 hours per week. The more hours you do the less you pay! You can choose any combination of Day and Time.

Does my child need any extra money with them?


We have a Tuck Shop and sell sweets, crisps and drinks. Drinks are 15p and 25p. A packet of crisps 15p. And we sell 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p sweets.

What does my child wear? 

PSG Club Kit is available please ask for an order form. Sweatshirt and jogging bottoms/leggings in winter. Socks ARE allowed. Shorts and T-Shirt in summer. Leotards are also fine. Nothing with zips or buckles. And nothing that will rip. No jewellery is allowed.  Hair tied back.

Do you follow any award schemes?


Yes. We have our own FunGym and JumpGym Award Schemes. They include a Badge and Certificate. The first and easiest Award is 1, the hardest is Award 7. You have to pass 12 out of 16 skills. The Award costs £3.50.  

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